Chocolate posters

This work is the result of a big workflow led by the studio Happycentro.
The 2 posters represent a recipe and the feeling the recipe inspires.
Extracted by the food chocolate website’s about “…. The artisan chocolate of Modica Sabadì is the leitmotiv, around which eight food pairings were created, along with the same number of interpreters of quality, giving life to a new flavour experience expressed in the form of recipes. Intelligence, radicated in the hands of artisans, enters the crowded kitchen of eight brilliant food bloggers, giving life to sixteen recipes interpreted and translated intoimages by sixteen Italian graphic designers.”

Project by: Happycentro + Sabadì

Florence, March 2013 Categories  Graphic Design   illustration   Illustrations   Posters   
Poster #1: The recipe
Poster #2: The taste